About Me

Hello! My name is Carola and I am living in the Deep South of the United States.

My entire life I have enjoyed knitting and crocheting and I cannot remember a longer period of time without needles, hooks, and yarn. But a few years ago I realized that I have my closet full of knitwear and blankets all over the place. I needed something new! One rainy evening, I was browsing through several blogs and craft websites and stumbled upon the fantastic website AmigurumiToGo.com by Sharon Ojala. That was love on first sight. Sharon has also tons of free tutorials on YouTube that are a great starting point. I fetched my hooks and some yarn and started right away. My first try was Coraline and despite some flaws she was lovely!

Looking through more tutorials, I have learned step by step to get a better technique and the secrets of making beautiful amigurumi dolls. I soon started to make my own designs. A passion was born. So far, I’ve designed over 30 crochet patterns and the number of patterns and dolls is growing with every month. My greatest love belongs to cute amigurumi girl dolls, movie characters, and princess dolls.

And – I finally made my own Coraline design!


I literally spend every free minute with yarn and hooks and do not want to miss it a minute.

For me, amigurumi dolls are the cutest things in the world.

I hope you enjoy looking around, and I’d love to hear from you!